My name is Ulrik Slot Christensen. Currently i´m working at Tunnel Vision Games as a sound designer and audio programmer on the game Lightmatter.

I love to create sound and music for games, movies, commercials and interactive installations. In my work as a game audio designer I like to combine my skills in sound design and programming to enhance the user experience by making a close relation between user interactions and audio feedback. When working with interactive installations i use microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry pi) and sensors to translate user interactions into audio/visual experiences.

I have a bachelor-degree in computer science and a bachelor-degree in sono and media communication (sound design at Sonic College).
Besides that i have 14 years of programming experience working as a developer/business specialist in a large danish software company KMD A/S.

I love working in teams and in my work as a sound designer and programmer i have learned that collaboration and teamwork is key to succes.

For more information about my work check out my portfolio or feel free to contact me.


Contact informaiton:
Ulrik Slot Christensen
Hadsundvej 24, 1. th
9000 Aalborg
+45 40511549